Project brief

To create press tools and some 30+ assembly jigs and checking fixtures for Zircotec Group.


Zircotec Group are specialists in heat management, supplying bespoke heat shielding systems to the motorsport, general automotive, nuclear, aerospace and defence industries.

Paragon CNC Technologies was asked to supply two separate services to Zircotec to assist in a major automotive project. Specifically

  • Press tools for creating heat shielding for exhaust and turbo systems
  • Assembly jigs and fixtures and checking (inspection) fixtures for the same

The steel press tools were machined specifically to Zircotec’s CAD.

Paragon offers a bespoke gauges, jigs and fixtures service, working with the customer to aid in design, manufacture and delivery of gauges specific to their requirements. Gauges, jigs and fixtures may be created from machined aluminium or high density model board. Given the quantities required, and the short time frames for delivery, the assembly and checking fixtures were created using model board.


After holding on-site meetings with the Zircotech Group we took the project on with a commitment to produce all components on this project in a condensed lead time.

Smaller components have the benefit of accelerated machining time. Thus, in order to maximise machine throughput, the CNC Technologies design team started working with Zircotec’s CAD and dissecting the tools into multiple pieces. These were re-assembled in-house before delivery to the customer. The team also stripped the VF5 to manoeuvre capacity around customer demand. This ability to flex a machine profile will always enhance processing speeds but does so without compromising output.

Checking jig created with high density model board.

Paragon’s Steve Ritchie and a Zircotec Engineer examine a Paragon CNC press tool in action.


  • Press tools created from high grade steel
  • Assembly fixtures and checking jigs created using high density model board


Thanks to an agile production process, Paragon CNC Technologies achieved 100% on time delivery over the course of the programme.

Assembly fixture created with high density model board.

Assembly fixture in use.