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Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures

High Tolerance Gauge Concepts

Concept Visualisation
We manufacture the gauge to the bespoke designs. By machining various materials, shown in this concept as aluminium and high-density model board, each element of the gauge is manufactured to the customer’s requirements by our expert machinists. The gauge then goes through its preliminary assembly prior to being inspected.

All gauges are inspected to a tolerance of 0.05mm across key elements of the checking form. This inspection is carried out by our qualified inspectors using our FAROARM technology. Upon internal approvals our gauges then receive their reference plaques, establishing their datum points. We also provide 100% inspection reports

Inspection and Verification
Upon receiving a quotation, our design engineers work hand in hand with our clients to establish the gauge purpose from the final part data. Working within stringent quality standards and tolerances a concept is then finalised by our design engineers and approved by our customer prior to manufacture.

  • Adherence to stringent quality standards to ensure durable, repeatable quality parts

  • FAROArm technology for full validation reporting against original parts

  • Expert design support delivering on tight time scales

  • Competitive pricing for metal and modelboard machined components

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