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Tooling that works for you

  • Quick turn around times

  • Mould modifications

  • Design assistance for master tools

  • Tooled in a variety of materials

Tooling is an essential part of the product development cycle, and crucial to the manufacturing process. The speed to market, quality, repeatability and accuracy of your component, prototype, or finished product will depend on the precision and characteristics of your tooling.

We can help you save on labour and quality costs and improve on delivery speeds. We offer a comprehensive range of tooling solutions for the modern manufacturing environment. Our large-gantry, state-of-the-art 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines provide facility for the creation of:

  • Assembly tools
  • RIM tools
  • Vac Form mould tools
  • Press tools
  • Hammer form tools
  • Specialist moulds and dies
  • Mould modifications
Tooling for Automotive
Tooling for Oil & Gas components
Tooling for Automotive
Tooling for Consumer Goods