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Models & Displays

Retail fit-out, exhibition models, training models and displays

Paint a million words with stunning visuals

  • An array of technologies on site

  • Experienced, dedicated team of model makers

  • Outstanding detail, outstanding value

  • From miniatures to life-size installations

Visual communication should be informative. It should be persuasive. It should embody both form and function. It should be useful. And, no matter how industrial, it should be beautiful.

There’s no need to tell you that having scaled, tangible models of your products enhances your selling power. Whether you are in the boardroom or manning an exhibition stand, a precise replica of your product allows you to tell your story.

We’ve been stunning, functional display, teaching and exhibition models at Paragon for more than 15 years. We’ve made small, operational models with motorized parts and we’ve made oversized, static and interactive exhibition models with thousands of components. We’ve made cutaway models and we’ve made fully functional miniatures for testing purposes. We’ve included lighting and buttons and locks and myriad mechanisms.

We make models for our customers using a combination of superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge industrial technologies. We’re aware that you’re making your model for a specific event and we know that you’re probably on a budget and a tight time scale. We can be flexible and keep costs down for you. And we’ll make sure you’re happy. Time and again.

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