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Introducing Nathan George, Paragon’s new Business Development Manager for the Midlands

We're pleased to announce that Jim Ashby has been appointed Applications Development Manager for the South. The appointment comes as part of the company’s strategy to deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions to its customers.

Infographic: Six Steps to Unlock the Power of Additive Manufacturing

Download our infographic. By following these steps, you can unlock the power of additive manufacturing and leverage its unique capabilities to enhance your product development, manufacturing processes, and overall business success.

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM): Beyond Automotive

RIM, or Reaction Injection Moulding, is a low volume manufacturing process used to produce high-strength, lightweight, and complex parts made of polyurethane or other thermosetting polymers. Commonly associated with the automotive industry; but it can be very useful for manufacturing parts for other sectors, too.

Vacuum casting: bringing Industrial Products to market faster and for less

Involving the use of silicone moulds and polyurethane resins, vacuum casting offers several advantages for industrial product manufacturing, including the ability to produce complex and highly detailed parts; a wide range of material options; cost-effectiveness for low-volume production; and relatively short lead times compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

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