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Rapid Technologies and Materials



SINTERSTATION 2500 HiQ – 3 Machines

Lead time: 1 – 4 days
Build platform (mm): 330 x 280 x 410
Accuracy: to ± 0.3%
Layer resolution: 0.15 mm
Wall thickness: 1 mm
Surface structure: No support structures

Can be blasted, dyed and polished or vibro-finished.

SLS Materials

PA650 Standard Nylon

A white, heat and chemical resistant powder resin combining strength and durability to produce strong, end-use prototype parts. Heat resistant to 134ºC. Can be coloured without losing integrity.

PA615-GS Glass Filled Nylon

50% Glass sphere-filled material offering improved dimensional stability, increased stiffness and higher heat resistance.


NEO 800 – 3 Machines

Lead time: 1 – 4 days
Build platform (mm): 800 x 800 x 600
Accuracy: to ± 0.15%*
Layer resolution: 100 µm
Wall thickness: 0.5 mm*
Surface structure: Requires support structures

Thanks to the NEO800’s exceptional scanning repeatability, sidewall quality and dynamic laser processing, very little A-surface finishing is required. Parts can be painted and coated.

*Geometry and part size-dependent

SL Materials

SOMOS EvoLVe 128

A durable SLA material that produces highly detailed parts with an exceptionally smooth finish. Perfect for building end-use parts like stage and screen models, jigs and fixtures, or prototypes for functional testing applications.

SOMOS WaterShed XC11122

A durable, rigid SLA material that produces optically clear, highly detailed parts with a smooth finish. Has a very high water resistance, making it ideal for fluid flow analysis and duct work.

MarkForged MkII Printer


MarkForged MkII

Lead time: 4 days
Build Platform (mm): 320 x 132 x 154
Accuracy: to ± 0.3%
Layer thickness: 100 μm
Wall thickness: 1 mm
Surface structure: Parts have obvious layering. Can be blasted and polished rapidly or vibro-finished. Can be used straight off the printer.

FFF Materials

ONYX (Nylon)

Nylon mixed with chopped carbon fibre to provide a high-strength thermoplastic with outstanding heat resistance, chemical resistance and surface finish.

Reinforcement Options

Can be combined with: Fiberglass, HSHT Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar

Vacuum Casting Technologies

RENISHAW 501 – 3 Machines

Lead time: 5 days to 2 weeks

Wall thickness: 1 mm

Part quantities: 25 parts per tool

Vacuum Casting Machine 501
Vacuum Casting Machine 504


Lead time: 5 days to 2 weeks

Wall thickness: 1 mm

Part quantities: 25 parts per tool

Vacuum Casting Materials

Clear PC

Clear polycarbonate with high UV stability, suitable for prototyping optical lenses. Can be coated and coloured.

GF Nylon

High flexural modulus of elasticity. Filled with milled glass fibre. Can be easily coloured.

High Temp PP

A temperature resistant polypropylene simulant. Suitable for functional prototyping.

UL94  V0

A rigid, superior strength white resin with excellent impact resistance. Can be coloured. Certified fire retardant: UL94 V-0.


Shore A50 rubber to Shore A85 rubber. Perfect for casting decorative objects, production parts, tools, models, patterns, duplicate masters and more. Can be pigmented or dyed.

Clear Elastomer

Water white clear urethane liquid rubber compounds for applications requiring absolute clarity and resistance to sunlight. Shore 50A and Shore 95A hardness.


Low viscosity flexible rubber Features Adjustable hardness. Pigmentable.


A transparent ABS-like material with excellent all-round functionality and great optical properties. Suitable for snap fits, low temperature applications and colour matching.


Thermoplastic with good impact and flexural resistance.

Semi Rigid PU

A semi-rigid urethane resin offering outstanding handling strength and impact resistance. 

Fire Retardant Elastomer

Polyurethane elastomer containing fire retardants meeting a UL94V-2 rating. A tough 80 shore A rubber with self-extinguishing properties.

Reaction Injection Moulding Technologies

Rapid Technologies Plant List

MeterMix PAR50 – 3 Machines

Lead time: 2 – 6 weeks, dependent upon tooling
Quantities: 60 – 70 parts from a silicone tool; 500+ parts from model board tooling

2KM PGM102 – 1 machine

Lead time: 5 days to 6 weeks, dependent upon tooling

Part quantities: 60 – 70 parts from a silicone tool; 500+ parts from model board tooling

Rapid Technologies Plant List

RIM Materials

High Temp PP

Polypropylene simulant for high temperature applications, such as under the bonnet uses in the automotive industry. Available in neutral or black.

GF Reinforced

Glass fibre re-enforced polyurethane resin. Ideal for functional, cladding and prototyping applications.


Semi-rigid polyurethane in black or beige. Suitable for high impact applications including, electrical, furniture and automotive.

Fire Retardant

High heat resistance prototyping resin suitable for cladding, medical and automotive parts.


Impact resistant resin with high temperature resistance. Suitable for thin-walled, complex structures.

Silicone Casting

Silicone Materials

Dragon Skin

Strong and stretchy, high-performance, white-translucent silicone rubbers. Used to cast silicone parts in the entertainments sector, e.g. for special effects and skins for animatronics; in the medical sector for orthopaedic cushioning, prosthetics and robotics;  and for prototyping.

FDA Approved

Sculpting clay of varying hardness, compatible with silicones.

Transparent Silicone

High strength mould-making rubber developed for prototype design and production tooling

Clear Silicone

 Near-clear translucent silicone rubbers with high tensile and tear strength