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HP Multi Jet Fusion


Why HP Multi Jet Fusion?

  • HP Multi Jet Fusion offers fast build times coupled with rapid post-processing, including colouring, to enable cost efficiencies.

  • MJF provides 3D printing (polymer additive manufacturing) production of usable parts with intricate detailing

  • Get a free quote. Low volume (1 – 10,000 parts) production using our multi jet fusion 3D printing (polymer additive manufacturing) service.

  • MJF enables mass customisation in the build without the need for tooling

  • A choice of HP PA 11  Nylon (biocompatible) or HP PA 12 Nylon (biocompatible, good thermal resistance)

  • 80% of recovered powder is reusable resulting in very little waste

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a relatively new powder-based additive manufacturing process for producing high-resolution, low porosity and high surface quality end-use objects at volume. 

Approximately three times faster than some traditional SLS technologies, MJF uses infrared as a binding source. The resultant product is smooth and uniform with little layering. Mechanical properties are in many ways superior to SLS-produced prints. MJF also addresses the sustainability issue through re-usability.

Our HP MJF printing is supported by state-of-the-art post processing facilities, paving the way for seamless and rapid production. The DyeMansion suite enables us to deliver satin smooth, dyed parts ready for wear or direct application.

PA 11: Talee Baby Helmet
PA 11: Custom Insoles
PA 12: Automotive Fasteners
PA 11: Sports Protection