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Multi Jet Fusion


Why MJF?

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a relatively new powder-based additive manufacturing process for producing high-resolution, low porosity and high surface quality end-use objects at volume. 

Approximately three times faster than some traditional SLS technologies, MJF uses infrared as a binding source. The resultant product is smooth and uniform with little layering. Mechanical properties are in many ways superior to SLS-produced prints. MJF also addresses the sustainability issue through re-usability.

Our MJF printing is supported by state-of-the-art post processing facilities, paving the way for seamless and rapid production. The DyeMansion suite enables us to deliver satin smooth, dyed parts ready for wear or direct application.

  • Manufacturing capabilities to medium-size batch production of usable parts with intricate detailing

  • Fast build times and rapid post-processing, including colouring, to enable cost efficiencies

  • Enables mass customisation in the build without the need for tooling

  • 80% of recovered powder is reusable resulting in very little waste

  • A choice of HP PA 11 (biocompatible) or HP PA 12 Nylon

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