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Bringing design to life

since 2003

Paragon Rapid Technologies provides world-class support throughout the product development cycle, from innovation to manufacturing. For more than 15 years our specialist service engineers have been helping businesses like yours excel in your industry sector. We help you bring complex, or simple, designs to life and to keep your supply chain agile.
Polymer additive manufacturing solutions for tool-free, volume production of end-use parts.
Cost-effective prototyping, production and assembly of finished, end-use parts using rapid manufacturing processes.
Quality engineered solutions for production of precision machined parts and bespoke gauging.
Distinct markets across the world
Highly skilled, experienced engineers and modelmakers
Clients from OEMs, Tier 1s, Tier 2s, agencies and engineering companies


About Paragon
Rapid Technologies

“We provide world-class support throughout the product development cycle, from innovation to manufacturing. We help deliver millions of products to their intended markets – quickly and efficiently.”


Dedicated project engineers

Customer service, quality, cost-efficiency, transparent management, tight collaboration and a focused approach are the cornerstones of our business. This ensures that from the moment you submit an RFQ to the moment you receive your products, our customer service will be exemplary.

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Senior Management Team

Phill Adamson

Founding Director

With an unwavering passion for developing new business and a firm belief that innovation and adding value is a recipe for success, Phill has grown Paragon from a one-machine company to a market leader for product development and low volume manufacturing.

Peter Humphrey

Founding Director

Peter’s technical expertise has enabled us to deliver some of our biggest projects, from scaled-down model wind turbines to £1.5m automotive programmes. His main focus is on exploring new technologies and materials to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our industry.

Colin Wilson

Finance Director

Colin’s has extensive experience in handling financial affairs for large and small organisations.

Michael Anderson

Divisional Head, CNC Technologies

Michael’s extensive CNC commercial management experience gained in the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors has enabled him to quadruple Paragon CNC Technologies market share over the course of the last year. His plans to expand have resulted in major investments in both technology and skilled personnel.

Marc Faux

Divisional Head, Rapid Technologies

Marc joined us as a Project Engineer in 2005. As Divisional Head of our Rapid Technologies business unit, Marc ensures our prototyping services deliver on cost effectiveness, value for money, on-time dispatch and outstanding customer service.


Commercial Team

Andrew McCormack

Commercial Projects Manager

Andrew is an experienced model maker with a design degree. Thanks to his unflappable nature and an ability to assimilate technical and customer knowledge rapidly, he now leads Paragon’s team of dedicated project engineers. He is passionate about Paragon’s reputation and quality of service.

Leonie Hilsdon

Group Marketing Manager

Lou is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and promotional strategy across all our business streams.

Steve Ritchie

Sales Manager, Northern Counties

Steve’s considerable technical knowledge and problem-solving skills are invaluable to his customers. He has been key to our rapid growth and the development of our reputation as a leading product development and low volume manufacturing solutions provider over the past five years.

Howard Gray

Sales Manager, Midlands and Wales

Howard is responsible for developing new business, primarily in the Midlands, Wales and East Anglia. He has been instrumental in introducing Paragon to new automotive customers and new markets such as the maritime sector.

Mark Elvy

Sales Manager, Southern Counties

With a focus on the Southern counties, Mark is a creative, entrepreneurial and commercially astute manager who thrives on supporting customers to bring new products to market.

Becky Eskandari

Business Development Manager, AM

Becky is a qualified design engineer with an avid commercial interest in additive manufacturing. Her expertise in this field is extensive, covering everything from automotive to orthoses.


Project Management Team

Robson Turnbull

Project Engineer

Robson joined Paragon as a model maker in 2017 after graduating from Teesside with a degree in product design. 6 months later he joined the commercial team as a project manager, with focus on the automotive sector. In particular he works on low volume solutions.

Craig Fenby

Project Engineer

Craig joined Paragon in 2018 as a project manager. He has a design and engineering background and manages a range of projects, from 3D printing to vacuum casting, across all our markets.

Lewis Hemblade

Project Engineer

Lewis joined our projects team in 2020 after a period in our model shop and various departments. With a Masters in Product Design, Lewis has a comprehensive understanding of product development needs and can rapidly align requests with appropriate materials and processes.

Joshua Grieg

Apprentice Project Engineer

Josh joined the team in November 2019 as an apprentice project manager, having spent 8 months in our factory mastering various processes, from additive manufacturing to Reaction Injection Moulding.

Iain Gibson

AM Project Manager

Iain is an experienced project manager with a very focussed approach to process, ensuring efficiencies in additive manufacturing production.

Shaam Khaliq

CNC Project Engineer

Shaam joined the CNC team in November 2020. He brings with him some 10 years CNC project management experience and has an exceptional knowledge of  aerospace, automotive, energy and medical sector requirements.

Mark O’Reilly

CNC Project Manager

An excellent Project Manager, Mark has been with Paragon for over 10 years.


Production Management Team

Paul Fowler

R & D Engineering Manager

Having joined Paragon as a silicone toolmaker in 2007, Paul quickly moved to set up our RIM department. He moved to the commercial team in 2015, first as a project engineer and latterly as our R&D Engineer. He is responsible for providing technical support and researching and developing new materials and technologies.

David Hamm

Quality Manager

David controls the ISO accreditations and quality aspects of all our business streams. He recently saw Paragon receive the BSI Kitemark and is now working towards IATF for 2021.

Dave Rogerson

Prototype Production Manager

David joined Paragon as a tool maker in 2007. Having worked across all Paragon’s prototyping and model making departments, he became part of the management team in 2016. He is responsible for ensuring our production lines run smoothly, and our customers receive products of outstanding quality.