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Why SL?

  • SL prints prototypes and parts with high levels of detail, ideal for concept visualisation and models

  • SL is perfect for validation prototyping, especially for large parts with smooth surfaces

  • SL is ideal for producing master patterns for manufacturing technologies such as vacuum casting and reaction injection moulding

  • SL enables low-volume manufacturing of models with complex geometries

SL (or stereolithography) is the grandfather of 3D printing. SL produces exceptional models with outstanding surface quality. Paragon is currently the only 3D printing service provider in the country with three industry-leading, large-bed NEO 800 printers.

This state-of-the-art technology gives you the freedom to print complex designs and fine details in lightweight, robust resins. Thanks to its relatively rapid build time, and the superior quality of the finish straight off the machine, very little post-processing is required. SL printing is beautifully cost efficient.

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