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Maritime product development and parts manufacture

Solutions to build and repair at the rate of knots

Boatbuilders and maritime service providers are constantly asking themselves how technology can help them improve and develop their products and services. How can they be better than their competitors in a niche sector where competitors are few and competition is so intense?

We can help you be the first to launch a new model in your chosen class. We can help you build up your fleet at the rate of knots. And, we can help you stay afloat when you need to respond to demand for parts that need to be there… now, as cost-efficiently as possible.

We have the technical expertise to support you in choosing choose relevant processes and applications to speed up your innovation cycle. We have the processes and technologies to help you improve and customize product design. We have the materials for on-demand production solutions that will help you shrink your supply chain and improve costs and efficiencies.

  • Push your creativity to the limits with multiple print and additive manufacturing options for real time applications

  • An array of environment appropriate materials for every technology

  • Achieve first-to-market product launches with our rapid prototyping assistance

  • Lower inventory spending with our production and low volume solutions

  • Increase production quality and accuracy with custom jigs, fixtures and gauges

Additive Manufacturing for Marine

Tool-free solutions for end-use parts

Customization is the norm in the maritime industry as most ships are produced as one-of-a-kind and/or for a specific purpose. With an array of materials designed to meet all those criteria, additive manufacturing gives you the chance to realise your design sooner. It enables you to explore fit and functionality options without incurring tooling costs. With materials specifically designed for production and tough enough to endure daily use, additive manufacturing can be used to produce end parts without thinking about tooling.

We can help you deliver on value and on economies of scale. Our revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies, Digital Light Synthesis™ and Multi Jet Fusion open up endless exciting production and customisation opportunities. Parts possess all the qualities of injection moulded plastics without the tooling costs. Materials are all biocompatible, corrosion and chemical resistant.

Rapid Technologies for Marine

Low volume solutions with cost savings

Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas and enhance quality with a suite of rapid validation prototyping, testing and production services. Fast, cost-effective methods of producing low numbers of highly detailed, highly accurate polyurethane components and products with similar properties to injection moulded parts. Technologies include 3D printing, vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding and silicone casting. Our experienced technicians and model makers deliver highly accurate, production-representative parts produced quickly and cost-effectively using low-cost tooling capabilities.

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CNC Technologies for Marine

Lower costs and assure quality with end-to-end supply chain management, and faster tooling and part production times.

Successful maritime product development requires speed to market and accuracy. A supplier who can help you evaluate materials, develop your prototypes, deliver on low volume manufacturing and create production tools quickly and cost-effectively will be a key factor in helping you beat your competition to market. Our engineering and CNC capabilities allow you to flex your designs, produce parts quickly, develop and modify tools for manufacture and achieve outstanding quality at the manufacturing stage. Our cost effective, efficient solutions help you win that race to market, time and time again.