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Designing for Carbon DLS Additive Manufacturing

This infographic outlines some considerations and the 5 basic principles for ensuring a successful design to production programme with Carbon DLS Additive Manufacturing. Click on the orange button to download it.

Carbon DLS at Paragon: Materials Feature Sizes Chart

Paragon Rapid Technologies offers 13 resins for part production using its Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology. Part feature sizes will differ depending upon your chosen material.

The Paragon Texturing Portfolio: Look Better, Feel Better

Paragon Rapid Technologies offers a portfolio of standard textures for additive manufacturing processes. Simply choose your texture and stipulate which faces require the application. Our design engineers will do the rest.

Introducing Nathan George, Paragon’s new Business Development Manager for the Midlands

We're pleased to announce that Jim Ashby has been appointed Applications Development Manager for the South. The appointment comes as part of the company’s strategy to deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions to its customers.

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Infographic: Six Steps to Unlock the Power of Additive Manufacturing

Download our infographic. By following these steps, you can unlock the power of additive manufacturing and leverage its unique capabilities to enhance your product development, manufacturing processes, and overall business success.

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM): Beyond Automotive

RIM, or Reaction Injection Moulding, is a low volume manufacturing process used to produce high-strength, lightweight, and complex parts made of polyurethane or other thermosetting polymers. Commonly associated with the automotive industry; but it can be very useful for manufacturing parts for other sectors, too.

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Case Studies: Using HP MJF Additive Manufacturing in Automotive Engineering

The use of MJF in automotive applications with HP and Production Partners

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