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Inspiring future engineers and designers

No matter what may have sparked a student’s interest in product design and engineering, a tour of a factory can fan the flames of enthusiasm. We offer two factory tours to design, engineering and business students from local schools, colleges and universities every term. Our aim is to give pupils some insight into the product development process in a real business environment.

The visits are generally four to six hours long, comprising some or all of the following:

  • Classroom session presented by our Managing Director, Phillip Adamson. Phill will talk through some of Paragon Rapid Technologies’ history, our range of services and will initiate a discussion on industry drivers, emerging technologies and environmental impact.
  • Factory tour, incorporating all elements of Paragon’s business and covering 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC engineering, the model shop and dispatch. The emphasis is on learning and we work closely with teachers and tutors to align tour content with coursework content.
  • 30 – 60 minute Q&A session with questions designed to challenge observations and encourage students to think beyond process.
  • Break out sessions focussing on specific technologies. Opportunities to 3D print their own designs from their own .stl or CAD files.

We regret that the maximum number of students we can accommodate is 12. Due to stringent insurance requirements, students must be 16 years of age or over and accompanied by at least one teacher/tutor.

To book a school tour, please email: Leonie Hilsdon, Marketing Manager

Work Experience, Work Placements and Holiday Jobs.

At Paragon we understand that only by trying something out can you know whether you are truly passionate about it. We also understand the intense competition students and young people face when it comes to applying for places in further education. We offer several schemes that can help provide that vital experience to help you cement your belief that this is a career for you… and to help you win that much coveted place at College or University.

Work experience

We offer short term work experience opportunities (up to two weeks unpaid) which enable students of 16 years or over to ‘experience’ a career at Paragon. During this time students will be able to shadow key Paragon members of staff, observing, learning and occasionally trying their hand at using some of the technologies we operate to serve our customers.

Work experience opportunities are limited to 3 – 5 students per year depending upon availability of staff members. To apply, please write a covering letter, clearly setting out why you wish to work in this sector, and send it with your CV and a recommendation from your teacher to: Leonie Hilsdon, Marketing Manager


Work placements

Our 6-week work placements are slightly different to the 2-week work experience opportunity we offer. Anyone can apply for a work placement at Paragon, regardless of the stage of their career.

Our placements are aimed at those who seek practical experience in the working world and are normally offered to college students (18+), university students and recent graduates.

You will be given hands-on training in all three business units at Paragon, as well as in various administrative departments. Towards the end of each training session you will be expected to carry out certain tasks without supervision.

We offer up to 3 work placements per year. Their availability is announced through this website and via social media and you are invited to apply through our standard applications process. Candidates will be interviewed.

Contact: Leonie Hilsdon, Marketing Manager


Paragon works closely with local colleges and universities to accommodate those seeking apprenticeships in the design engineering environment.

We look for future leaders who are passionate, have creative flair and exceptional interpersonal skills. Your academic credentials are important, but we also look at what you have achieved outside the classroom.

If you are successful in securing an apprenticeship at Paragon, you will work alongside a workforce committed to doing the very best for our customers, as well as being committed to ensure all our employees achieve their full potential.

To find out more about our structured apprenticeships, please contact: Dave Rogerson, Prototype Production Manager

Contact: Recruitment