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All problems are solved by good design. Show them with architectural 3D printed models.

It’s not enough to inform your audience. Today’s market dictates that you need to impress them. Whether you are presenting a single building, conversion renderings or giving perspective to community and industrial developments in relation to their surroundings, you need your architectural models to deliver on the wow!

Make an instant impression

Make an impact on your clients with superbly crafted, functional, geometrically precise 3D representations and dioramas of your designs and renderings.

We combine our advanced 3D printing technologies, with large build envelopes and exceptional accuracy, with our extensive model-making experience to produce outstanding architectural and display models quickly and cost-effectively. We can help develop, review, improve and produce high quality, finely detailed models, from scaled display models to cityscapes, community concepts and industrial development models.

  • Advanced 3D Capacity: The NEO 800, with its large build platform (800 x 800 x 600 mm), faster speeds, reduced part finishing times, diverse materials options, high-definition capability and exceptional sidewall quality, is the perfect printer for dioramas and large, detailed cityscapes or buildings.

  • SLS does not require supports, making it perfect for models with complex interior structures

  • DLS enables cost-effective multiples of scale models of people, furniture, vehicles, vegetation, street furniture, etc.

  • A team of expert model makers to assist with development and finishing

Teeside University

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Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM): Beyond Automotive

RIM, or Reaction Injection Moulding, is a low volume manufacturing process used to produce high-strength, lightweight, and complex parts made of polyurethane or other thermosetting polymers. Commonly associated with the automotive industry; but it can be very useful for manufacturing parts for other sectors, too.

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