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Component Parts


Build supply chain stability and efficiencies

  • On-demand production – On-time delivery

  • Consistent quality, regardless of quantity. Batch quality assured, every time

  • Delivers competitive advantage with speed and cost efficiencies

Contract manufacturing of CNC machined component parts offers OEMs and Tier 1s across all industry sectors opportunities for saving time, resources and production costs; as well as facilitating inventory-on-demand strategy. We strive to add value at every point in the process of delivering your CNC machined component part order – from technology investment to quality assurance through accreditation to traceability.

CNC engineering – machining and milling – processes can deliver quantities of parts in a variety of materials, from metals to engineered foams, without compromising those material properties. Contract manufacturing enhances the flow of goods and inventory management through a sequenced process of material sourcing and supply management, design support to ensure manufacturability, capacity planning for machining reducing lead times, management of special processes from finishing to accreditation, quality and inspection, inventory on demand management and customer service, all geared around one product.

Contract Manufacturing of CNC Machined Parts
Energy Oil and Gas components in steel
Medical device components
Medical device components
Medical device components