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Security & Defence

Produce faster with security and defence product development solutions

Act faster. Optimise product portfolios. Revitalise protection plans.

More than any other industry, the defence and security industry is in a constant state of change. Driven by ever increasing complexities of threats and end-user requirements, its concepts are constantly evolving. This evolution brings with it a need for rapid development in equipment and  technology.

Design engineers in the security and defence industries have to compete within the confines of a niche market. Add to that a great need for discretion and the result is intense. Whether you are designing for the connected soldier or developing a drone, you need a partner who delivers on total confidentiality, quality and speed.

We’ve helped our defence and security customers to innovate, develop, test, improve and produce high quality parts for more than 15 years. We’ve supported them through concept visualization and design iterations. We’ve helped them find part production solutions. We’ve been flexible and kept costs down. And we’ve made sure they’re happy. Time and again.

  • Push your creativity to the limits with multiple print and additive manufacturing options

  • Achieve first-to-market product launches with our rapid prototyping assistance

  • Lower inventory spending with our production and low volume solutions

  • Increase production quality and accuracy with custom jigs, fixtures and gauges

Additive Manufacturing for Defence & Security

Tool-free solutions for end-use parts

Additive manufacturing is no strange device in the security and defence arsenal. It is a proven force in helping win the race to market, in reducing manufacturing costs, in shortening the supply chain. We can help you deliver on value and on economies of scale. Our revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies, Digital Light Synthesis™ and Multi Jet Fusion open up endless exciting production and customisation opportunities. Parts possess all the qualities of injection moulded plastics without the tooling costs. Materials are all biocompatible and the layering and resolution are so good you can even print wires in 1:72 scale!

Rapid Technologies for Security & Defence

Prototypes and low volume solutions

Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas and enhance quality with a suite of rapid validation prototyping, testing and part production services, including 3D printing, vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding and silicone casting. Our experienced technicians and model makers deliver highly accurate, production-representative parts produced quickly and cost-effectively using low-cost tooling capabilities.

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CNC Technologies for Security & Defence

Lower costs and assure quality with end-to-end supply chain management, and faster tooling and part production times.

Successful product development requires speed to market and accuracy. A supplier who can help you evaluate materials, develop your prototypes, deliver on low volume manufacturing and create production tools quickly and cost-effectively will be a key factor in helping you beat your competition to market. Our engineering and CNC capabilities allow you to flex your designs, produce prototypes quickly, develop and modify tools for manufacture and achieve outstanding quality at the manufacturing stage. Our cost effective, efficient solutions help you win that race to market, time and time again.