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Silicone Moulding


Why Silicone Moulding?

With its excellent thermal, electrical and chemical resistance properties, silicone rubber is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from keypads to prostheses covers, from hand grips to motor sports components. Creating silicone components for your products is quick, and cost-efficient.

Our dedicated silicone moulding department works with you to identify the best materials for your applications. We offer hard and soft rubbers, and pigmentation, over-moulding and multiple shot processes. With quality and cost control at the forefront of our operations, we also offer a choice of tooling master development processes, including CNC cut materials, SLA and polyurethane.

  • Highly detailed, durable, flexible results in a variety of colours and hardness

  • Suitable for low production runs to 100s of parts with cost efficiencies above those of injection moulding

  • Tooling is considered cheaper than for injection moulding – especially with on-site tooling capability

  • Overmoulding of hard substrates is easy to do

Silicone overmoulding
Automotive electrical recovery system
Keypad with CNC’d tool
Ducting with tool