Face coverings are mandatory in many public spaces across the UK. For those who find wearing a face mask uncomfortable or prohibitive, the Peakyshielder is considered to be better than no protection at all.

Paragon Rapid Technologies has devised a means of attaching a face shield to a baseball cap, offering a comfortable alternative to a basic face shield. The company, which deployed its 3D printing technologies to create face shields for North East hospitals during the height of the pandemic, is now using that same technology to produce a pair of clips which secure a pre-cut clear visor to the peak of a standard baseball cap or sun visor

The clip design, which can be branded with your company logo, is the brainchild of Duncan Hutchinson, a Yarm-based IT specialist. The clips are manufactured using a tough biocompatible resin and a high-speed 3D printing technology called Digital Light Synthesis™. Paragon believes the Peakyshielder could be an added layer of protection for customer-facing work teams whose uniforms include a baseball cap; or for personnel whose jobs involve a significant level of physical activity.

“The Peakyshielder is made in the UK. It’s ultra-lightweight, ergonomic and secure, offering clear vision and long-term comfort. It also helps protect the wearer from inadvertent face touching,” says Duncan. “It’s easy to clean, which means it can be used multiple times, and it’s roomy enough for you to be able to wear your glasses comfortably under it without blocking your vision. A standard face mask can be worn for added protection if required. Because it’s affixed to your own cap or sun visor, you don’t need to worry about sweaty foam or plastic next to your skin.”

“We thought about protection for those who work on production lines in engineering companies or customer-facing staff in the hospitality sector who have head-wear as part of their uniform,” says Phill Adamson, Paragon’s CEO. “The Peakyshielder is removable, reusable, covers the whole face and chin, and can shield the wearer from airborne droplets caused by coughs and sneezes.”

Phill continues, “As things get back to normal we think people would appreciate seeing customer-facing staff with an added layer of protection. We’re also hoping the Peakyshielder will be seen as a suitable alternative to traditional face masks for those with hidden disabilities such as respiratory problems. It is not meant to be a piece of medical equipment and we won’t promote it as such. The Peakyshielder should, however, provide peace of mind, and can easily be branded with your logo for incorporation into the uniform.”

The clips and shields are available at a cost of £2.65 per set (excluding cap, VAT and postage and packing), with a minimum order of 50 units.

For sales, please click on the orange button below, or contact: info@paragon-rt.com or call 01325 333 141 and ask to speak with one of our Project Engineers about the Peakyshielder offer.

Picture of a man wearing the Peakyshielder
Man wearing the Peakyshielder