Project Brief

To produce prototypes for extensive field trials of the Telemedic Systems Ltd Vitalink³ vital signs monitor. These needed to be both visually and functionally accurate for trials. From the outset the Vitalink³ was intended to be produced in a range of colours for the different market sectors and applications and the prototypes would need to reflect this.


Octo Design Limited developed a product specification for the complex, challenging twin shot design. Paragon was chosen to produce the prototypes because of their proven history of producing rapid prototypes of 2-shot designs and their existing relationship with Octo Design.

Whilst Paragon already had extensive experience of producing over-moulded prototypes, this project was one of the most technically demanding they had tackled to date. The overmould contained not only the case jacket, but also the keypad buttons on the front face and a watertight gasket seal between the cases.

As part of the project, Paragon sourced and trialled a newly developed range of elastomers to allow pigmentation of the vibrant colours. They also implemented specific tooling techniques developed in-house to improve the flow of the elastomer and ensure all features formed correctly.

During the development process they first produced SLA models for design evaluation at which point design changes were made to allow more internal space and to ensure the integrity of the unit.

A second set of SLA models were then produced, hand finished and then used to create silicone rubber tools for vacuum casting production.
The final castings incorporated overmoulded, threaded brass inserts and the finishing touch was applied with full colour graphics provided as rub-down transfers.


The subsequent vacuum castings were fully representative of the production parts; not only visually, but functionally, too. This allowed accurate assessment of the product via extensive field trials around the globe. The device was utilised in a number of commercial sectors including aviation, maritime and more, assisting remote medical support of passengers or employees who became ill where there was limited access to a doctor.