In 2015, Teesside University announced that the name of its iconic new building at the heart of its main campus would be the ‘Curve’. This four-storey building would represent the upwards, aspirational and distinctive vision of the university.

The design was deemed so good, it warranted a complete upgrade to the surrounding areas and a pedestrianisation of the main roads through the campus.

Paragon RT had been commissioned to provide a model of the proposed new building during the first phase of development. With the new proposals incorporating the upgrades to the surrounding areas, it was suggested a new model would be required.

The processes

On reviewing the architectural plans, it became obvious that a simple 3D print was not going to be sufficient to demonstrate all these new facilities had to offer. Model making has always been at the very heart of Paragon, and it was to the group of exceptional, traditional modelmakers that Teesside University now turned.

The model was built in three stages.

First, a contoured base board supporting the model was constructed and clad with Plasticard. Next, the team printed and crafted composite resin building structures, which were placed onto the board.  Finally, the model was finished with painting and polishing to the required standard.


The result was a beautifully crafted 3D model that illustrated the architect’s and university’s concepts exactly. It was displayed in the contractor’s visitors’ centre and was the centre of attention. So much so that a second model was ordered and was displayed at the university’s Open Days for new students, as well as at other exhibitions and community meetings.

“The model was excellent and a great success. Thank you, Paragon for your advice, very prompt and efficient service and great professionalism.”

Teeside University
Teeside University