Polymer Additive Manufacturing vs. Injection Moulding

Time saving, tool-free solutions for low to mid-volume manufacturing

Speed to market is imperative. But can you win that race without increasing production costs? Polymer additive manufacturing may be the solution. With 3D printing technologies working faster than ever, producing parts in real-world materials, supply chains can be shrunk and production times accelerated.

Paragon Rapid Technologies Ltd. runs 4 Carbon M2 printers, and can deliver products in a range of Carbon-created, accredited end-use materials. We also run 2 HP MJF printers, delivering parts in the slightly flexible, sustainable PA 11 Nylon, or the rigid, chemical and heat resistant PA 12 Nylon.

For information on our additive manufacturing capabilities, please contact Becky Eskandari via email or on 01325 333 141.

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive

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