Cutaway Model for the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

Sonobex, a Loughborough University spin-out and specialist in noise reduction technology, challenged design agency Cube3 to come up with a new cutaway model substation design that would enable efficient attenuation of low-frequency noise output.

After 3D modelling a substation and generating a design concept for the outer wall, the enclosure was then cut away to reveal the 3D construction within. Although developments in Computer Aided Design allows us to explore a 3-dimensional world on screen through photographic quality renderings, sometimes there’s nothing that compares to a physical model. To bring the design concept to life, Cube3 asked Paragon to produce the scale model of the structure.


We 3D printed the substation components using a combination of stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing processes. These were then assembled, hand finished and lacquered by our experienced, time-served model making team.

The relatively simplistic visual, destined for Sonobex’ exhibition displays received great accolade from Cube3.

“Once again Paragon delivered a quality display model on time and at a good price. This was a time pressure job as the model was being used as part of an exhibition display for our client. Well done on completing this in the short timescales requested!”

Picture of a substation cutaway model