The incredible story of a 3D printed Creation

Episode 1
“If you could write DNA, you are no longer limited to ‘what is’, but what you could make.” Attr. Drew Endy, Prof. Bioengineering. Stamford University.
The same can be said of imagination. If you can write down your imagination, you are no longer limited to your dreams, but what you can create.
When Jet Cooper put his imagination into a string of CAD files, he asked us if 3D printing could create a reality. Of course. But how could we match up to his expectations?
The NEO 800 SLA printer is one of the most advanced of its kind. We have three, and ours print in two durable thermoplastic resins that offer the smoothest of surface finishes and allow for intricate detail. One, SOMOS WaterShed XC11122, offers outstanding clarity; the other, SOMOS EvoLVe 128, is white and exceptionally smooth.

The Collaboration

But, just as oranges are not the only fruit, we could not rule out the versatility and robustness of SLS. When finished properly, this nylon product can be just as detailed. The big question for us was, which parts should be printed with which resin?