Functional prototypes undergo rigorous testing processes. They will always need to be robust enough for field trials. This product, destined for use by the military in the field, needed to be robust, comfortable, and, lifesaving.

The General Service Respirator Development project was presented to Paragon by North Wales-based industrial design company, Design Reality. Design Reality’s end customer was world-renowned safety equipment provider, Scott Safety. The incredibly technical design of the masks and respirators underpinned a number of respirator projects.

The processes:

Paragon’s innovative tooling abilities and moulding capabilities were a perfect fit for Design Reality’s, and Scott Safety’s needs.

We provided Design Reality with a dedicated project team to work on the respirators. With 100s of components in production it was essential that production was a


The result was a beautifully crafted 3D model that illustrated the architect’s and university’s concepts exactly. It was displayed in the contractor’s visitors’ centre and was the centre of attention. So much so that a second model was ordered and was displayed at the university’s Open Days for new students, as well as at other exhibitions and community meetings.

“The model was excellent and a great success. Thank you, Paragon for your advice, very prompt and efficient service and great professionalism.”

Functional prototypes