Multi Jet Fusion

MJF production parts
Craneal Correction Helmet
MJF AM for Orthoses - Insole
MJF AM for Orthoses - Prosthetics

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a relatively new powder-based additive manufacturing process for producing high-resolution, low porosity and high surface quality end-use objects at volume. 

Using infrared as a binding source, the resultant product is smooth and uniform with little layering. Mechanical properties are superior to more dated processes such as SLS . MJF also addresses the sustainability issue through re-usability.

Our MJF printing is supported by state-of-the-art post processing facilities. Our DyeMansion suite enables us to deliver satin smooth, dyed parts ready for wear or direct application.


MJF HP5200

HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200

Lead time: 4 days
Build Platform (mm): 380 x 284 x 380
Accuracy: to ± 0.1%
Pixel resolution: 1200 dpi
Layer thickness: 0.08 mm
Surface structure: Produce functional parts with impact resistance and ductility. PA 11 Nylon provides optimal mechanical properties and consistent performance at industry-leading surplus
powder reusability. PolyShot Surfacing achieves a satin finish with improved water resistance. Can be dyed.


Currently running PA 11 Nylon. However, MJF is an open materials platform offering additive manufacturing solutions in PP, PA 11, PA 12, PA 12 GB,
and TPU materials. For large scale projects, please enquire.