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Energy, Oil & Gas


Harness the power of innovation. Upstream and downstream product development and production solutions.

The energy, oil and gas sector, with their giant turbines, huge substations and giant steel cage fabrication epitomize the term ‘heavy industry’. It’s hard, then, to visualize how revolutionary technologies such as additive manufacturing and CNC machining can play a role in their progress.

But they do. With every bespoke solution there comes a need for prototyping and production. There’s also a need to improve efficiencies in the development process and keep costs down. Like all industries, time to market is critical.

We have been helping customers in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector develop their designs since 2003. Our technologies and materials encourage you to change the way you think about product innovation. They enable you to remove steps in your product development cycle and revolutionise your production processes. They enable you to shrink and flex your supply chain, and enhance the industrial products value chain.

While you need to be flexible and keep costs down for your clients, we can be flexible and keep costs down for you. And we’ll make sure you’re happy. Time and again.

  • Quick production of mission-critical components that can withstand harsh environments

  • Tailored solutions meeting high quality industry standards

  • Quick and cost-effective tooling and master patterns

  • Increase production quality and accuracy with custom jigs, fixtures and gauges

  • Lightweight, environmentally friendly materials designed for production

  • Scaled training and concept models for presentations and displays

Exceptional, fully functional display and training models
Renewables Turbine Connector
Machined PP for Umbilical Protection
Renewables Component Part Production Jig

Additive Manufacturing for Energy, Oil & Gas

Tool-free solutions for prototyping and production parts with complex geometries

Parts produced with additive manufacturing can be found across the industry, from undersea applications to rooftop photovoltaic installations. Parts need to be tough, robust and durable. They have to withstand the rigours of both environment and activity. With an array of materials designed to stand up to such rigours, Additive manufacturing gives you the chance to realise your design sooner. It enables you to explore fit and functionality options without incurring tooling costs. And now, with materials specifically designed for production, additive manufacturing can be used to produce end parts without thinking about tooling.

Rapid Technologies for Energy, Oil and Gas

Streamlined prototyping

Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas and enhance quality with a suite of rapid validation prototyping and testing services. Our services, including 3D printingvacuum castingreaction injection moulding and silicone casting, enable highly accurate, production-representative parts produced quickly and cost-effectively using low-cost tooling capabilities. Our materials include V0-rated plastics and polyurethanes, as well as those designed for deep sea usage and exposure to harsh environments.

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CNC Technologies for Energy, Oil and Gas

Redefine your supply chain. Achieve efficiency. Increase productivity.

We offer an array of CNC technologies enabling fast turnaround of parts and prototypes. We also provide competitively priced support for manufacturing with precision-crafted parts and products in a variety of materials, including tool and mould production, jigs, fixtures and gauges. Through a contract management process, our mission is to help you shorten your supply chain and enable you to meet progressively tough design and production challenges. This can be achieved in isolation or in collaboration with our Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping capabilities

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