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Vacuum casting: bringing Industrial Products to market faster and for less

Involving the use of silicone moulds and polyurethane resins, vacuum casting offers several advantages for industrial product manufacturing, including the ability to produce complex and highly detailed parts; a wide range of material options; cost-effectiveness for low-volume production; and relatively short lead times compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Case Study: Twisted saves time and money with vacuum cast engine covers

Engine re-mapping and redesign to deliver increased horse power are the cornerstones of Twisted’s reconstruction of the iconic Land Rover Defender. As a result of this increased capacity, the engine covers required remodelling to accommodate additional components.

RIM: a perfect low production run solution for large automotive components

Paragon Rapid Technologies is one of the few companies in the UK offering RIM to automotive companies as an alternative to Injection Moulding for prototyping and low run productions. With CNC facilities on site, we can create model board tools, suitable for 100 or more parts, quickly and efficiently. We are also experts at creating silicone tooling (for up to 80 parts).

Vacuum casting: a perfect low production run solution for automotive engineering

There’s no need to tell automotive design and mechanical engineers just how vacuum casting can be used for prototyping and low-volume production of plastic parts for their vehicles…

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