Large automotive component parts: the Reaction Injection Moulding advantage

The RIM Advantage for Automotive

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) is a manufacturing process that involves the injection of a liquid thermosetting polymer into a mould. RIM is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry, allowing for the production of large, complex parts that have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are able to withstand the harsh environments that vehicles are exposed to.

RIM can be used to produce a variety of automotive components, including body panels, bumper fascia, spoilers, and interior trim parts. These components can be manufactured with a variety of finishes, textures, and colours, making them highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing.

RIM has a number of production advantages, not least the fact that it allows for the production of parts with a consistent wall thickness, which can help to improve their strength and durability. RIM can also be used to produce parts with intricate shapes and features, such as undercuts and internal cavities, that would be difficult or impossible to produce with other manufacturing methods.

In addition to these benefits, RIM is also a relatively low-cost process, particularly when compared to traditional injection moulding techniques. This makes it an attractive option for automotive manufacturers who are looking to produce low to mid-run numbers of parts quickly and efficiently.

Composite image of RIM manufactured items

RIM has become an increasingly popular choice in the automotive industry due to its ability to produce high-quality, lightweight, and durable components that can help to improve vehicle performance and reduce production costs.

Paragon Rapid Technologies is one of the few companies in the UK offering RIM to automotive companies as an alternative to Injection Moulding for prototyping and low run productions. With CNC facilities on site, we can create model board tools, suitable for 100 or more parts, quickly and efficiently. We are also experts at creating silicone tooling (for up to 80 parts).

Our technical experts are no strangers to the pressures you are under to produce precise, quality parts and prototypes under serious time constraints. We aim to be a dependable, trustable source of advice and solutions, ensuring that you have the relevant materials and technology information, process insights and design recommendations, should they be necessary, to deliver a perfect part, every time.

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