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3D printing and casting of parts, props and models for stage and screen

Make the cut

  • Large bed 3D printing for finely detailed models, master patterns and casting cores. 5-axis CNC milling and turning. Casting processes. Full finishing facilities from our model shop when required.

  • Quick and cost-effective services backed by almost 20 years of experience delivering to production companies and prop and model makers.

  • A team of highly-talented modelmakers to back up your creative team in busy times.

  • A variety of materials ranging from the robust and flexible to the brittle and breakable.

  • Approved supplier to Disney; supplier to businesses at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios and many more

Paragon’s talented team of designers, engineers and model-makers have been turning your imagination into tangibles since 2003. We use cutting-edge industrial technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining and specialist moulding and casting, combined with superb craftsmanship, to help you make prosthetics, props, models, costumes and miniatures – for a cast of one to casts of thousands!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, film and television production. We’re tried and tested by Disney, Makinarium, Carbonado Industries, Asylum Models and Effects, Millennium FX, Dancing on Ice, BBC, Walls, Hugo Boss, Schwartz and dozens more.

What they say about us:

“Thank you, the Paragon Rapid Technologies team, for providing top-quality 3D Printed models for our project. It is wonderful to deal with such a versatile and dynamic company that not only focuses in delivering outstanding products, but also cares about the client and their needs. Due to the nature of our industry, we require the best quality and the maximum detail for our 3D printed models. We really appreciated the personalised touch Paragon team offered, communicating at all times throughout the printing process. Paragon Rapid Technologies also excels in providing guidance during our design, print and finish processes in order to deliver a premium final product up to the standards of our needs. It is worth mentioning their care and thought when packing our products so delivery is smooth and seamless.”

Juan Orihuela-Cuesta, Co-ordinator, Creatures Department, 

Warner Brothers Studios Leavesden Ltd

Additive Manufacturing

Ideal for small parts in their hundreds and thousands

Using resins designed to help accelerate production, Additive Manufacturing has the potential to radically change the prop and model-making industry. The process uses a broad portfolio of biocompatible materials, providing prop and costume designers with opportunities for mass customisation, rapid design iterations, multiple part production and no tooling costs. Perfect for stop motion character recreation, miniatures, straps, scale models and more.

Traditional Technologies

3D printing

Everyone, from the investor to the studio manager, demands costs are kept down. As a result, model makers, set designers and costume designers have to be even more creative in their thinking and resourcing. It’s good to know that 3D Printing materials are some of the cheapest available to the entertainment industry.

  • Research & Development: When character design and development involves multiple modifications, 3D printing can offer rapid, cost effective solutions. Utilise our large bed capacity to turn multiple iterations of your detailed digital model into physical models.
  • Fashion and Armour: 3D printing enables you to push the limits of fashion design and avoid costly moulding processes. Create visually impressive, wearable parts with intricate details, from headwear to footwear, each personalised in fit for the wearer.
  • Prop Production and Manufacturing: Scan real artefacts and models and create exact replicas and effects closer to reality than ever before. 3D printing enables multiples to be produced quickly and effectively. When 3D printing materials don’t suit the product, the process can be used to make superior pattern masters for other manufacturing processes.
  • Animation and Stop Motion: When your backdrop is a strange universe and your animation is in 3D, 3D printing will enable you to create custom-made settings that blend seamlessly into the atmosphere of your story. They can be painted and blended to your heart’s content. Representing myriad emotions and myriad stances of the same character can easily be achieved with 3D printing. Recreating 100s of minute adjustments of a single character in a short space of time can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

The next big things: alternative production

We can help you with props, models and scenery pieces on the larger side. We offer an exceptional array of services including vacuum casting, reaction injection moulding, silicone moulding and model making capabilities.

  • Set Design Pieces: For large, lightweight, complex one-off scenery pieces; or multiples of cast smaller pieces requiring flexibility and texture. We offer a range of materials that can be textured, aged and painted.
  • Skins & Prostheses: Textures and tones are easily achieved with silicone moulding. Our CNC facilities enable us to produce precise moulding tools delivering quality, repeatability and savings on time and costs.
  • Model Making: With 15 model makers on site, we have both the expertise and the capacity to tackle all manners of model making requests. We create models in any scale for film and theatre. as well as for retail and marketing.

Precision Engineering

CNC Technologies for the Entertainment market

Our CNC machining capabilities allow you to flex your designs, produce parts quickly, develop tools for manufacture and achieve outstanding quality.

  • Cutting and design: In metals, model board, wood, plastics and foam, we can deliver items as raw machined parts, or can deliver them in combination with other in-house services to provide a comprehensive finished solution.
  • Machine-led sculpting: Cut, chisel, sculpt, shape and manufacture large, lightweight pieces for stage and film sets.
  • Component parts and tooling: Manufactured on demand for parts of complex machinery, costume pieces, camera stands, and equipment adaptations. Create tools for manufacture, forming and pressing ensuring repeatability and quality.

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