Digital Light Synthesis™

A true additive manufacturing process, Digital Light Synthesis™ technology prints 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing methods. Using a photochemical process to project light through an oxygen-permeable window into a reservoir of UV-curable resin, the resultant parts are layer free with consistent, isotropic and predictable mechanical properties.

The Digital Light Synthesis™ technology was developed by California tech giant, Carbon Inc. It’s continual production process enables multiple iterations of your design in one print. Prototyping turns into production without having to create tools. Because it has been developed with production in mind, the more efficient we are with platform utilisation, the more economical it becomes for you.


Carbon M2

Lead time: 4 days
Build Platform (mm): 189 x 118 x 326
Accuracy: to ± 0.1%
Pixel resolution: 75 μm
Wall thickness: 0.01 mm
Surface structure: Parts printed with Digital Light Synthesis™ are much more like injection-molded parts. Digital Light Synthesis™ produces consistent and predictable mechanical properties, creating parts that are solid on the inside.