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Machining & Milling

Why CNC Milling and Turning?

Paragon CNC Technologies is a cutting edge, precision machining business unit with a highly skilled engineering work force. Our range of CNC milling machines and lathes enables us to deliver a variety of precision-machined services to customers in the automotive, medical, energy, oil and gas, industrial products, aerospace, defence, and consumer sectors.

We have a wide range of materials to help you meet the most challenging engineering problems.

Our 5 axis capabilities enable precision engineering in steel, aluminium, all rigid plastics, EPP and composite boards. We can deliver on post-machining of production models; low volume manufacturing of metal machined components; and the creation of styling models, gauges, jigs, fixtures and compression tooling.

Our 3-axis capability enables milling and cutting of steel, aluminium, ABS, model board, foam, and nylon. Customers benefit from competitively priced, exceptional quality, low volume metal machined components, in addition to styling models, gauges, jigs, fixtures and compression tooling.

Our recent investment in a HAAS lathe has enhanced our component part manufacturing capability to achieve significant volumes on a contract managed basis.

  • CNC Turning for production of shafts, bores and lathed parts

  • CNC Milling for parts with complex geometries in a wide variety of metals and plastics

  • On demand production of component parts

  • Contract management of part production for quality assurance

  • On-site scanning, reverse engineering and inspection for quality assurance

CNC Component Part Manufacture
CNC Machined Automotive Tool
CNC Machined large block PU
CNC Machined PU