Paragon Business and China Closures

Paragon would like to extend additional support to customers affected

The coronavirus epidemic and Paragon business

The tragic and rapid spread of the coronavirus, the outbreak of which originated in Wuhan in China, has shaken the global economy. Its impact has affected virtually every major industry, from travel to entertainment to automobiles and technology.

Paragon Rapid Technologies would like to reassure customers that any business shared with our Chinese partners has, at this time, not been affected. We’d also like to let our customers know that should they be struggling with achieving targets and project deadlines due to China factory closures, we currently have capacity within our additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping (RIM, vac casting, silicon moulding) and CNC engineering departments, please visit

Our sympathies for everyone affected by this devastating virus.

“We are aware that several our customers’ Chinese suppliers are closed. Many of those that are working are doing so with reduced capacity. We are extremely fortunate that, thus far, our Chinese business partners remain unaffected. Outsourcing to China is a very small portion of our business; the rest we manage in-house and we can offer additional support to our customers should they require it.”

Neil Cook Managing Director