DLS Operator

A 3D printing machine operator role using revolutionary digital additive manufacturing technology

DLS Operator : Part Time Weekend Shift – 34 Hours per Week

Reporting to:

Additive Manufacturing Manager

Role summary:

A 3D printing machine operator role using revolutionary digital additive manufacturing technology. Responsible for loading and unloading 3D printers and fettling and finishing models. 34 hours per week – weekend work non-negotiable.

Position Description:

The DLS Operator will monitor and manage Digital Light Synthesis 3D prints during shift. The 3D prints will be scheduled by a DLS Technician. The DLS operator will follow this schedule when changing the 3D prints and perform the post processing tasks required after a print has completed. Machine operation involves weighing out the correct amount of resin into a DLS build cassette, loading it into the printer, and starting the print. Once a print has finished, the operator will be required to remove the build platform and implement appropriate post-processing procedures, including curing parts in a dedicated oven. The DLS operator will also be responsible for the fettling and finishing of components ready for dispatch, and according to the job specific route sheet. Finished components require quality inspection.

Major Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Support the DLS Project Manager, the AM manager, and the DLS AM Technicians in the efficient running of the department to ensure daily production requirements are achieved
  • Operate the DLS printers by following a set schedule for 3D Prints
  • Fettling and finishing of 3D printed models – cleaning and preparing components from builds following post-processing protocols
  • Packing and dispatching of models
  • Operating the oven curing protocols, heat-treatment and cleaning procedures
  • Ability to follow work instructions and SOPs
  • Inspecting components and completing quality control documentation
  • Recording of KPI-specific information
  • Ensure that good standards of health and safety and housekeeping are maintained in the work area
  • Housekeeping within the department

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Ability to follow work instructions and SOPs
  • Communication skills.
  • Eye for detail
  • Hand skills
  • Additional job specific training will be available

Physical demands:

There are no significant physical demands related to this role; however an eye for detail, hand skills, and good communication skills are required. A significant part of the job role will involve standing working on your feet

Work environment:

The DLS operator will work in a busy additive manufacturing unit

Working hours:

The DLS operator will be required to work set shift pattern as follows:

Friday 14:00 – 00:30 | Saturday 10:00 – 22:30 | Sunday 10:00 – 22:30

DLS Operator : Part Time Weekend Shift – 34 Hours per Week

To Apply: Please email your current CV and a covering letter by clicking on the orange button below.

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