Rapid prototyping. Form, fit, functionality, aesthetics and fabrication.

As fast as the manufacturing landscape may be changing, there is still a need for conventional, tried and tested prototyping, model-making and low volume manufacturing methods.

Wherever you are in the product development life cycle, we believe the validation prototypes, functionality testing parts, complex concept visualisation displays and low volume manufacturing solutions you need should be cost-effective without compromising quality.

We want to help you design better. We want to help you reduce costs and streamline production. We want to help you win the race to market.

We do this by investing in the best technologies to deliver the best solutions to your manufacturing challenges. We do this by collaborating with you at each stage of your product journey, from materials research to design iterations. We combine traditional technologies with the latest digital manufacturing methods. We do our best to ensure outcomes are best for you and your customers.  And, we ensure these are delivered with exceptional levels of support and service.

What do you want to make today?

“Rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing are not totally reliant on 3D printing. Sometimes, more traditional methods such as Vac Casting and RIM are more economical and offer better materials for specific applications.“

Peter Humphrey Co-founder, Technical Director

The Rapid Technologies Advantage

Concept Visualisation

Scaled and real, tangible digital image visualisation. Customise repeatedly and validate for engineering. Reverse engineering for pattern regeneration.


Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas with rapid validation prototyping and testing. Accelerate early stages of development with quick and inexpensive functionality testing. Design for form, fit, functionality, aesthetics and manufacturability.

Production and LVM

Low cost solutions for flexing the supply chain, including low volume production. Rapid, efficient, precise tooling options for vac casting, injection moulding and silicone moulding.