Test complex geometries. Reduce costs. Produce parts. Faster.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is radically transforming supply chains. It’s enabling better designs and faster design cycles. It’s driving down the cost of manufacturing by eradicating the need for tooling. It’s increasing operational efficiencies by enhancing quality and reducing risk of failure. Entire components, complete with moving parts, can be printed and sent straight to market.

We want to help you design better. We want to help you reduce costs and streamline production. We want to help you win the race to market.

We do this by investing in the best technologies to deliver the best solutions to your manufacturing challenges. We do this by collaborating with you at each stage of your product journey, ensuring outcomes and best for you and your customer. And, we ensure these are delivered with exceptional levels of support and service.

What do you want to make today?

“We're aiming to change the production mindset across all market sectors.”

Roy Crombie AM Technologies Manager

The Additive Manufacturing Advantage

Concept Visualisation

Scaled and real, tangible digital image visualisation. Design for performance without traditional limitations. Customise endlessly and validate for engineering.


Shorten production times for revolutionary ideas with rapid validation prototyping and testing. Accelerate early stages of development with quick and inexpensive functionality testing.

Production and Low Volume Manufacturing

Low cost solutions for flexing the supply chain, including on demand and low volume production. Customisation with minimal loss from design changes. Design freedom, extreme precision and unfailing endurance. Rapid, efficient, precise tooling options for vac casting, injection moulding and silicone moulding.

Parts on demand. Transforming production. Transforming supply chains.

There’s no doubt 3D printing enables faster innovation. But, Industry 4.0 is driving radical changes in production and today’s manufacturing focus is all about driving down costs.  With speed, quality, and an ability to reproduce complex geometries time and again, additive manufacturing is providing inventory on demand and production part solutions with economies of scale never before thought possible.

Our array of 3D printing and additive manufacturing services enable you to manufacture quantities of customized parts with complex geometries. With no need for tooling and moulding, your parts are produced quickly and economically.

Paragon Rapid Technologies’ ethos is to pursue a long-term collaborative approach with our customers across all elements of product innovation. That includes research and development of relevant materials, including structural assessment and ensuring compliance with demanding safety standards. If our customers believe our technologies provide the solutions for on-demand, end use parts they seek, we’ll work with them to ensure all standards are satisfied, and parts are delivered quickly and efficiently.