Energy, Oil and Gas

Harness the power of innovation. Upstream and downstream product development solutions.

The energy, oil and gas sector, with their giant turbines, huge substations and giant steel cage fabrication epitomize the term ‘heavy industry’. It’s hard, then, to visualize how revolutionary technologies such as additive manufacturing and CNC machining can play a role in their progress.

But they do. With every bespoke solution there comes a need for prototyping and production. There’s also a need to improve efficiencies in the development process and keep costs down. Like all industries, time to market is critical.

We have been helping customers in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector develop their designs since 2003. Our technologies and materials encourage you to change the way you think about product innovation. They enable you to remove steps in your product development cycle and revolutionise your production processes. They enable you to shrink and flex your supply chain, and enhance the industrial products value chain.

While you need to be flexible and keep costs down for your clients, we can be flexible and keep costs down for you. And we’ll make sure you’re happy. Time and again.

What do you want to make today?

“Great work from Paragon, future orders will be forthcoming.“

Tekmar Group Global Offshore Energy Provider

How can we help you?

Concept Visualisation

We empower you to push your creativity to the limits.

Design Support

Working together, we can help ensure creative and functional elements align with manufacturability.

Reverse Engineering

We can provide you with a precise facsimile of your model or existing component to enable you to produce it again and again.


We can help you realise the value in first-to-market product launches with our rapid prototyping assistance.

Production and Low Volume Manufacturing

We can help you lower inventory spending and meet quality and delivery targets, time after time.

Inspection Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures

We help you increase increase production quality and accuracy with custom gauges and fixtures engineers with the latest technlogies.

Highly intricate, accurate display models

Make an impact on your customers with superbly crafted, functional, geometrically precise replicas of your products and concepts.

We combine extensive model-making experience, knowledge and techniques with a range of 3D printing, prototyping and CNC technologies to produce exceptional models quickly and cost effectively. We provide a reliable model making service for every aspect of the energy, oil and gas industries, from upstream exploration, to renewable sources, to downstream petrochemical processing.