Consumer Products

The Wow Factor. To the shop shelf and beyond.

Seductive curves. Sleek. Sexy. Tactile. Functional. Unbreakable. Desirable. Fit for purpose. And just… Wow! Those are just a few attributes consumer products need if they are to find a place in their markets. The development is a journey. A journey of at least 100 rejections before you get an acceptance. And that’s just before you put your idea down on CAD.

The competition in the consumer products market is ferociously intense. You need a production partner who understands the very essence of what you are trying to achieve. Who knows precisely which blend of technologies will give you results beyond your expectations; never mind those of your audience.

We have been helping customers like you develop consumer products since 2003. Our technologies and materials and services encourage you to explore those small, incremental changes at the development stage that will have a major, winning result when your product hits its market place. We’ve helped consumer product creators to innovate, develop, test, improve and produce award-winning, exceptional results. We’ve supported them through concept visualization and design iterations. We’ve advised on technology processes. We’ve helped them find production solutions. We’ve been flexible and kept costs down. And we’ve made sure they’re happy. Time and again.

What do you want to make today?

“I'm pleased to report that the SLS TyreKey you sorted out for me was exactly what I needed...quick turnaround and a perfect prototype to test ideas on. Thank you for an excellent service, and I look forward to using your company again.”

How can we help you?

Concept Visualisation

We empower you to push your creativity to the limits.

Design Support

Working together to ensure creative and functional elements align with manufacturability.

Reverse Engineering

We can provide you with a precise facsimile of your model or existing component to enable you to produce it again and again.


Realising the value in first-to-market product launches with our rapid prototyping assistance.

Production and Low Volume Manufacturing

Lowering inventory spending. Meeting quality and delivery targets time after time.

Inspection Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures

We help you increase increase production quality and accuracy with custom gauges and fixtures engineers with the latest technlogies.