CNC for Medical

Lower Medical Device Production Costs. Speed Up Production Times.

Our CNC machining capabilities allow you to flex your designs, produce prototypes quickly, develop tools for manufacture and achieve outstanding quality at the manufacturing stage co. Our cost effective, efficient solutions help you win that race to market, time and time again.

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Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency in the Medical Sector

Test parts and devices with engineering-grade materials the same strength, weight and feel as the end-product. Test variations of part designs in parallel.

Use CNC machining as a cost-effective option for production volumes of fewer than 300.

Flex your supply chain and reduce warehousing costs with on-demand production of component parts.

Improve manufacturing efficiencies and ensure repeatable accuracy with custom gauges, jigs and fixtures.

Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures

Maintain your competitive advantage through calibration and measurement that eliminates tooling errors. We can help you to improve manufacturing efficiencies and ensure repeatable accuracy. Our gauges, jigs and fixtures are designed and developed in accordance with your stringent quality standards and can be produced in metals or model board on a quick turnaround time.

Reverse Engineering and Design

Supporting your quality control processes and ensuring you can recreate the same part, with identical properties, time and again.

Low Volumes of Component Parts

Flex your supply chain and reduce warehousing costs with on-demand production of machined component parts.

Reaction Injection Moulding Tools

Assembly tools and press tools: Ensure uniformity, efficiency and production productivity of small and large parts with precision RIM tools, press and assembly tools.

Mould Modifications

Modify mouldings without incurring additional tool manufacturing costs.