CNC for Aerospace

Lower Production Costs. Speed Up Production Times.

The aerospace industry continues to blast through the stratosphere where innovation is concerned. Disruptive new technologies are driving extraordinary efficiencies in the production of lightweight, environmentally sound, complex parts.

As an aeronautical design engineer you’ll be looking for a product development partner who is prepared to invest in those technologies and deliver your prototype parts in line with those efficiencies without compromise. One who’ll help you reach new heights.

We’ve helped our aerospace customers to innovate, develop, test, improve and produce high quality parts. We’ve supported them through concept visualization and design iterations. We’ve helped them find part production solutions. We’ve been flexible and kept costs down. And we’ve made sure they’re happy. Time and again.

What do you want to make today?

“Precision manufacturing is always going to be at the front end of aerospace manufacturing. Our CNC capabilities can deliver on the tolerances required for tooling.“

Michael Anderson CNC Commercial Manager

Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures

Maintain your competitive advantage through calibration and measurement that eliminates tooling errors. We can help you to improve manufacturing efficiencies and ensure repeatable accuracy. Our gauges, jigs and fixtures are designed and developed in accordance with your stringent quality standards and can be produced in metals or model board on a quick turnaround time.

Reverse Engineering and Design

Supporting your quality control processes and ensuring you can recreate the same part, with identical properties, time and again.

Low Volumes of Component Parts

Flex your supply chain and reduce warehousing costs with on-demand production of machined component parts.

Reaction Injection Moulding Tools

Assembly tools and press tools: Ensure uniformity, efficiency and production productivity of small and large parts with precision RIM tools, press and assembly tools.

Mould Modifications

Modify mouldings without incurring additional tool manufacturing costs.